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Finding The Courage When Fear Has Been Holding You Back

Fear is something that we’ve all experienced at one point or another in our lives. And while it’s not uncommon for us to be afraid of trying something new or doing something for the first time, fear becomes a problem when it begins to cause us to settle for less. When it makes us shrink, remain stuck, or miss out in life and on opportunities that were made for us. And when fear has been holding us back for so long, it can become even more challenging to push through it.

Pushing through fear is something that I’ve always struggled with. I’ve always preferred to just stay where things are familiar, and in places I’ve grown used to. Where I’m comfortable.

I’ve sold myself short time and time again thinking at the time that I was “staying in my lane,” when in actuality, I just didn’t believe in myself enough. And I was too afraid to dream big dreams because I didn’t think that I was capable of pursuing or accomplishing them.

The unknown scared me. The uncertainty of guaranteed success always kept me right where I was.


Deciding to Push Past Fear

But I now know from first-hand experience that sometimes, we just have to do it afraid. The conditions may never be perfect, so if we wait for that to happen, we may end up waiting forever. There will be times when stepping out of our comfort zones will be required in order to access the greater things God has in store. And we won’t always know what’s on the other side or feel prepared or know how things might turn out. That’s when we have to trust God and choose faith.

We shouldn’t feel like we have to sell ourselves short in a situation just because it’s familiar. We deserve better. I truly believe that God wants the best for us. But in order to move, we have to first believe that we’re worth the best. And that we’re worth joy and fulfillment.

Staying where we are, and allowing fear to keep holding us back, costs us so much. It robs us of finding out just what we’re capable of. And we owe it to ourselves to chase our dreams and to explore possibilities. We should validate ourselves, our worth, and our potential, even when no one else will.


Pursuing Greater

Maybe it’s time for you to start writing that book, start that podcast, or leave that job. Maybe it’s time for you to start working towards that idea you’ve had on your mind for years. I don’t know what your particular situation is. But I do know how scary it feels when the things we want to pursue feel too big or difficult to achieve. But when things feel too big or too overwhelming for us to move, that’s when we pray and ask God for peace and direction during the process.


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Give Yourself Time to Get There


We don’t have to stay stagnant. We don’t have to feel stuck because we don’t feel qualified, or smart enough, or capable, or even deserving. God sees us as all that and more. Sometimes it’s just a matter of starting, right where you are. It just takes that first step, and believing that you can. Knowing that it’s possible for you. That you have what it takes. That you’re destined for more. 

stepping out of your comfort zone

Gone are the days of my settling for less just because it’s comfortable. I’m literally trying to level up in every area of my life now. I want all of the amazing things that God has for me, and I don’t want fear to delay any of my blessings. But also, I want God to use me in any way He sees fit, and that won’t be possible if I choose to only stay where it’s comfortable.

We have the potential to achieve amazing things, but we’ll never truly know what we can do if we remain too afraid to try. I think we owe it to ourselves to try.

Let’s stop allowing fear to keep holding us back, and push through it, and do it anyway. Let’s not continue to miss out on pursuing greater possibilities, out of fear of losing the feeling of comfort. You’ve got this! I’m rooting for the both of us!


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