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Being a Mom is Exhausting, But We’re Doing It!

being a mom is exhausting

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Being a mom is exhausting. And at times, just plain hard. There is so much that goes into it, and so much that is required of us that it can feel overwhelming.

But I believe that we don’t always give ourselves enough credit for all that we do. For all the ways that we push through challenges, manage to figure things out, and be there for our kids even when we’re tired, or finding it hard or overwhelming.

Maybe we feel like our fatigue, or our frustrations somehow minimize our efforts. Or maybe we don’t even consider all the things that we do. I know that I don’t. Not always.

But we manage so much in our homes and we do A LOT.


We manage days filled with noise, and whining, and irrational requests.


Days where it seems like there’s always some kind of mess on the floor. Toys, crumbs, and unidentifiable objects.


There are full on debates that go down between us and our kids, who somehow think they know more than we do.


And there always seems to be something to sweep up, or wipe down, or throw in the washing machine.


We spend days chasing toddlers trying to make sure they don’t put things in their mouths or climb on things and hurt themselves.


Days filled with trying to remember a million different things at once and trying to keep track of it all.


We try to balance being present, while still trying to make time for ourselves.


Giving of ourselves, our time, and our things every day.


We deal with meltdowns and tantrums and power struggles. Trying to keep our emotions in check when they can’t control theirs.


We’ll spend our last to make sure that they have what they need.


We do things or take them places that we know they’ll enjoy, even if we won’t.


We do our best to make them feel special and loved.


Sometimes we get lonely and feel isolated because motherhood can be all consuming.


And we miss out on sleep because we often get up with them during the night.


We answer their questions. And do our best to calm their fears.


We can be so silly that if someone were to actually see us, it would be embarrassing. But we do it just to cheer them up or make them laugh.


Personal space feels like a thing of the past, and so does quiet time sometimes.


We’re their hype women and cheerleaders.


Their nurses and chefs.


We’re their protectors and their caregivers.


Their biggest fans and their dearest friends.


And sometimes the days feel incredibly long, and the nights feel way too short.


And by doing and being all of that, it’s no wonder we often feel so tired and worn out.



But you know what? We’re doing it.

And we show up every single day.

Even when being a mom is exhausting. When being a mom feels like too much. Or feels too hard.

Even when we don’t have all the answers or feel like we might be doing everything wrong.


We’re doing it.


We just keep going and we do our best to be good moms. We do what we can and we give what we have to give. And we love our children so much.

And that’s something to be commended. Something to be acknowledged. And something to be proud of!



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And all of our efforts and everything that we provide for our kids, makes them feel safe. Makes them feel loved. And makes them feel special.

When they grow up, they might not be able to say that they had moms who didn’t get tired or who did everything perfectly, but they will be able to say that they had moms that were present. Moms who made time for them. Who did their best. Who made them feel heard and loved and cared for.


And that is a reward in itself.


There may be messes, and noise, and never-ending lists of to-dos right now, but this season is only temporary. And even in this season, we always show up.

So let’s be proud of ourselves, just keep doing what we can, and take pride in our role as moms. Because with all that we do, being a mom is kind of our superpower.

Our kids love us and need us. And even though being a mom is exhausting and hard work, it’s also rewarding.


So even when you’re tired or feeling overwhelmed by all that’s required of you as a mom, remember that you’re doing it! And you have been since the day they were born. And that makes you amazing, and a pretty awesome mom too.






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